5mm Thick Dry Cuffs for heavy workshop, crayfishing, stonework etc

5mm neoprene



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Our 100% NZ made Thick Dry Cuffs, are made from 5mm neoprene, are waterproof and provide the most protection in our range.  They are sold for use around the farm, in workshops, on crayfishing boats and are now being used in stone factories and by greenstone craftsmen. The thicker 5mm are also ideally suited to vets or farmers who need extra protection from kicks, people who are clearing bush or anyone needing that extra bit of protection.

5mm are thicker, so they are a bit more rigid to wear than our standard 3mm Dry Cuffs

Simply pull the cuffs on but when removing ROLL THEM DOWN FROM THE TOP OF THE CUFF to prevent any damage to the wrist end.