Brought some Dry Cuffs today from Farmlands. I milk 2400 dairy goats & they were the best thing ever to wear while milking!!! I wish I'd Brough some a long time ago!! 10/10!! My work mates want some now.

  • Rebecca
  • Pukekohe, NZ

Absolutely love mine! Wear them before I would wear milking sleeves. I wear mine both morning and afternoon and also wear them picking up calves in spring. They protect your arms from everything! Would never go back to milking sleeves. 

  • Gemma

Attention all DAIRY FARMERS!!! Dry Cuffs!! Can we just say how amazing this product is!! So comfortable that you don't even notice that you are wearing them! The protection the provide also is great for jumpy heffers. They keep ya dry and clean. And stop the irritation from the oils in the cows skin. After wearing sleeves for so long and now trying these I am hooked! Deff recommend thanks Dry Cuffs

  • Coral
  • Christchurch, NZ

My 2 pairs of dry cuffs have arrived and they are fantastic. Haven't even milked in them (which is also great) but they are just the thing for keeping my overalls clean. With rain pants and a vest and the dry cuffs as well, I only get dirty hands.. made a big difference rolling bale rings round after the snow thawed and everything got sticky. Fit is great too, the mediums over a shirt or the large pair over an extra layer. Will recommend them to everyone I see.  I couldn't keep my silence. I've used the over-sleeves for many years but I have skinny little wrists and always get water running down my arms during cleanup, these will be just great. Have noticed I don't get the same pings of carpal tunnel pain while wearing these due to the compression either, wish these had been available back in my MX days to stop 'arm pump'. That could be another market for you to investigate, as it is a fairly common complaint amongst riders due to lactic acid building up in the forearm.

  • Pete
  • Invercargill, NZ

Hands down the best milking sleeve out there warm comfortable dry and protects ya arms from dew claw scratches! Best by far and don't slip down. Our vets came and teat sealed our heifers yesterday and were interested in knowing more also, so I told them about your Facebook page. Thanks again guys awesome product!

  • Ryan
  • Hamilton, NZ

I have been looking for something to wear around my arms when I'm at the Dairy milking.. We're milking only 460ish at the moment.. and obviously morning milkings are so cold! My arms always get wet and cold and at 4am that's not what you want! So I've bought a pair of dry cuffs and they are perfect! They keep your arms warm and dry and they are comfortable! I highly recommend these! 

  • Sammy Gee
  • New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

I have received my small size Dry Cuffs and I am delighted with them.  I am 66 and my skin is thin but I still do an enormous amount of 'tiger country' tramping with my club, and also conservation work, and get a lot of cuts and scratches on my lower arms from rough foliage.  I also volunteer working with animals and I receive scratches from nervous cats so I will be wearing these while working in the cat rooms.  I'm sure it won't be long before I'm ordering a second pair!

  • Marg
  • Porirua, NZ

I highly recommend Dry Cuffs to any dairy farmer.  They are warm, dry and protect your arms from kicks and scratches.  I have small arms and find that normal milking sleeves constantly slip down during milking, however, this doesn't happen with Dry Cuffs due to their perfect fit. Great product indeed.

  • Michelle
  • Hawera, NZ

We can't speak highly enough about our Dry Cuffs, they are fantastic!!  They fit perfectly, are comfortable and best of all protect our arms.  They give us a sense of security especially when brush cutting and working in dense bush areas where our arms get badly scratched.  We thank you for your innovative product and your outstanding customer service.

  • Grant and Pam
  • Whangarei, NZ

They are great, even when wet they still keep ya warm. They are all washed up and packed away for next season. Trying to get the boss to buy a pair for himself. I highly recommend them for any dairy farmer.  Especially town supply that milk all year round. Thank you so much you will be hearing from me in the future.

  • Alex
  • Christchurch, NZ

What a fantastic product! I bought a pair of thinner 2mm Dry Cuffs to wear when I am out in the garden and pruning roses. They stop my forearms from being scratches by the thorns and provide warmth as well!  By the time I take them off, my jersey sleeves are still dry and clean.  Thanks for a high-quality product!

  • Julie
  • Nelson, NZ

Thank you for my Dry Cuffs.  They fit perfectly and I am delighted with them.  I will take them to my group and others may take an interest.

  • Jeanette
  • Palmerston North, NZ

These are amazing.  They keep my sleeves clean, dry and my arms are warm and protected.  Thanks to the Dry Cuff team.

  • Brendon
  • Balclutha,NZ

What a great company to deal with. Communications are prompt and personal. My cuffs will keep my forearms warm and dry while milking and will have another use as well come August and they should work well on that new venture as well. 

  • Alison
  • Northland, NZ