2mm Thin Dry Cuffs for gardening & sensitive skin protection

2mm neoprene



$39.99$32.00ex GST

Our 2mm NZ made Dry Cuffs, have been created to not only keep your forearms warm and dry, but to also add a layer of protection when brushing up against trees, plants and shrubs in the garden. Loved by rose gardeners for that extra layer of protection and a huge bonus in the garden during pruning season.

Also fantastic for anyone with thinner skin to help prevent bruises and bumps

Simply pull the cuffs on but when removing PULL THEM DOWN FROM THE TOP OF THE CUFF to prevent any damage to the wrist end. Can be worn with gloves

Our Dry Cuffs are also available in 3mm and 5mm thicknesses (see our other listings) for use in a variety of situations; from milking sheds to fishing boats and anything in between! Used around the farm for calving, fencing, feeding out, extra warmth, etc. Factories are using them to keep their workers forearms clean and dry and to keep their sleeves well clear of machinery.

2mm only available in black